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ATC team having professionals of Textile and Apparel fields providing all types of consultancy services to grow the Textile and Apparel business. Assisting entrepreneurs who want to venture in textile and apparel industry or existing entrepreneurs who want to diversify/expand by setting manufacturing operations. We assist in making business plan, project plan, including locating right kind of plant/machinery. Depending on our customers’ requirements we build or assist in building the right kind of technical, marketing, administration/commercial teams keeping in mind the overall business requirement. In short, not just distant advising, but to build and hand over running business to our clients. Assist in restructuring existing business by way of product mix, working teams and customer focus etc. In short, putting the organization on fast growth path.

Our techno-economic analysis services support our clients across business and strategy development, positioning and more. Our expertise in the field of Textile and Apparel industries will provide a detailed techno economic analysis for your organization. Prepare a technical specification for raw material and machinery.

The experienced researchers will conduct a research on identified problems or they will investigate the problems to propose a solution or recommendation.

Product Development is the iteration based process of brainstorming, inventing, planning, designing, prototyping, testing, and refining a product design concept from its inception to a finish market ready product. We will guide you through each step of our new Product Development Process and help make your new product the best it can be.

ATC provide work on Manpower Productivity, Industrial Productivity, and Process Improvement.

Business plan is the foundation of your business. Especially if you are a start-up, you business plan is your roadmap. Having a solid business plan improves your chances of being successful by giving you direction, visualizing potential risks, assessing viability, and assisting with planning. Our business planning process is intense, thorough, and highly collaborative.

We provide an objective view, so your final business plan is based on reality. We will conduct detailed market research, prepare a detailed road map of the business development and a complete picture of the financial and, finally, we will provide strategic advice that will help you to become a market leader and build a highly sellable company. Depending on you particular business needs, ATC offers business plan updates.

We offer Kaizen Implementation Service (5-S). In order to bring continuous improvement in operations  & the working area, 5-S and Kaizen are proven Japanese techniques. We have hands-on experience in implementing 5-S in factories and offices. ATC helps companies implement the 5S system to eliminate waste from the manufacturing process and thus lowering costs.

With average GDP growth rate in excess of 10%, there is a boom in domestic consumption which is attracting attention of some of the best brands and companies internationally.

As Ethiopian economy opens up & international business community takes note of the growth potential in Ethiopia, we at ATC assist Ethiopian companies to acquire synergistic business overseas.

Assist international company who are looking to acquire stakes in Ethiopian business.

Ethiopian Textile and Apparel companies so far have been investing in manufacturing and marketing textile products or making up for international brands. It’s time that the business houses takes a fresh look at the branding their garment/finished product, where the value addition is the highest. We assist companies in all stages of brand building exercise right from conceptualization, to launch and help existing brands to expand their market reach.

Provide training service for employees and entrepreneurs on soft and technical skills.

  • Installation and Calibration of new machinery.
  • Repair service
  • Relocation and re-installation for factory plant and equipment

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